I love to escape into a great story!

5 Stars
Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch (Roosevelt Ranch #1) - Elise Faber

Story of a woman whose life takes an unexpected turn, a man whose family relies on him to follow the line and friends who take matters into their own hands to insure a HEA.


Love comes to those that least expect. 


Kelly Hamilton life is forever changed with a simple plus sign.


Justin Roosevelt is expected to once again clean up the mistakes of his twin brother, Rex.


Kelly knocks on the door intending to inform the father of her expectancy but is struck speechless when confronted with his twin.


Kelly and Justin form opinions of each other at first sight but upon further time together a new insight between the two forms a deeper connection.


With the sudden return of Rex and the head of the family the relationship is thrown off track.


Justin reaches his breaking point and in return breaches the wall that had previously caused a rift among his family.


Aided by friends Justin lays his heart out to the one person that holds the key to his happiness if she chooses to accept.


I accepted an ARC for purposes of an unbiased review.

5 Stars
Haunted Souls - Kathryn  Knight

A great story of love that heals through a journey of discovery. The struggles of pain and secrets open the heart to love and forgiveness.


A past fling that resulted in a child reunite a woman that has lost many and a man that struggles with nightmares as a lost soul craves what was lost centuries before.


Emily Shea has known nothing but lose so when a fling resulted in a child she chose not to inform the father.


Staff Sergeant Brett Leeds returned from active service with a concussion and major PTSD after an IED explosion left him the lone surviver.


The moment Emily never expected arrive has brought Brett to her doorstep.


When their three and a half year old son, Tyler, begins acting out of character Emily fears it has to do with the disruption in normal routine.


The truth is far more terrifying. Always being sensitive Tyler has befriended a ghost boy.


Emily sets out to discover the boy's story and how to help him move on.


Meanwhile her relationship with Brett set on shaky ground takes steps to work through their hurts.


After they help the ghost find peace Emily and Brett heal their hearts.

5 Stars
The Darkest Link (Second Circle Tattoos) - Scarlett Cole

Received from Netgalley


A story that takes a journey that will circle back to the beginning in a roundabout way. A conclusion but a beginning. The reader is drawn into the love through the banter between characters.


Julianna Carlisle, a tattoo artist at Second Circle, is on her way to a speaking engagement when her car breaks down. While debating her options a motorcyclist drives grabbing her attention.


Reid Kennedy, owner of Kenny's Garage, is thinking of his plans for the end of the day when he sees a car stopped on the side of the road followed by a pair of legs attached to a body being hidden by an umbrella.


Reid helps Lia get to her destination after a freindly day of hanging out then finds he can't get her out of his mind. They begin spending time together leading to deeper feelings for each other.


When Reid stops by for a visit he is taken aback by a reunion with a person, connected to Lia, he feared he'd never see again.


As tears and secrets are revealed a family is healed while another is shaken apart from withen.

5 Stars
The Purest Hook (Second Circle Tattoos) - Scarlett Cole

Received from Netgalley


A return to Second Circle Tattoos makes you feel as if you're visiting family. Two people that work their way from the bottom to thrive in their new lives.


Sarah-Jane “Pixie” Travers manages Second Circle Tattoos but has a passion for sewing little girl dresses.


When Pixie was a younger girl she was subjected to abuse and forced to get hooked on drugs with no help from her mom. One fateful night Pixie ran and her journey led her to the doorway of Second Circle. With the help of Trent and Cujo she cleans herself up.


Dred Zander lead singer of Preload and a judge on Inked, a reality TV show.


Dred had a tough life as a young boy. When his mom died of a drug overdose the journey after was far from easy.


Dred convinced a reluctant Pixie to give him a chance. Their feelings for each other grow but their pasts are never far from mind. When a threat pushes them apart they must work through their issues.

5 Stars
The Strongest Steel - Scarlett Cole

Harper has been living a life far removed from her past. After a boyfriend several marked her up she keep herself covered up and avoided interactions with others outside of work.


Trent has a successful life as a tattoo artist at his Second Circle tattoo shop. After being left broken hearted he gave up on finding anything permanent with another.


Harper never considered ever getting a tattoo before. Seeing the Second Circle and the incredibly talented, and handsome, Trent she being wandering what it would be like to be able to move forward and cover the scars that have been plaguing her everyday.


When closing for the day Trent heard a voice asking about being tattooed he never would of thought he'd see the covered up woman he'd seen earlier in the day. Seeing how skittish she was he moved slowly while getting an idea of what she wanted.


After Harper showed Trent the horrible scarring on her back he knew he would help her cover the old, crushing memories with stronger ones. With each passing day Trent sees a stronger Harper and his feelings for her morphed into wanting more than just the times it took to ink her back.


With the threat of the past hanging over their heads Harper struggles with her feelings for Trent. When her ex reappears in her life Harper realizes that the once terrified part of her was stronger and thanks to Trent helping her get help is now able to fight back.


This story will take you through a painful past to a joyful awakening. The Strongest of Steel is Forged in the Hottest of Fire. You'll laugh, cry, yell, hate and love. Trent will fast become your Book Boyfriend and Harper your younger sister.

5 Stars
The Sutherlands: One Family Saga: 10 Sexy Stories - Robin Covington, Terri Osburn, Alison Bliss, Shyla Colt, Avery Flynn, Kelly Jamieson, Abby Niles, Julie Particka, Joya Ryan, Naima Simone

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


If I could give not only this book as a whole a 5 star but each individual story I would.


Prepare to experience all the feels on this journey through the Sutherland family. An awesome collection of stories by equally awesome authors.




Bailey Hobbs just wanted to get off her aching feet and be left alone.


Nash Sutherland isn't used to being told no by women so this one has him intrigued.


One night results in the unexpected.


Surprises and misunderstandings make for a major page turner.




January Sutherland and Flint Marston's budding relationship was brought to am abrupt halt when the past interfered.


Now January is back from college and her feelings for Flint has never waivered. After much pushing Flint grabs for what he's wantes.


The past once again threatens their future but they perserver.


The heat never lets up.




Eli Sutherland returned home to lay his mom to rest. While trying to decide his future an unknown threat arises. The trouble revealed his attraction to Ranger Shepherd Lockwood takes front and center.


A trouble artist and an alpha hero heat up the pages.




Bianca Sutherland is on a mission to save her best friend from the clutches of an old nemesis that created a drug designed to control those under its influence.


Taz Hazard will do anything for Bianca even if that includes going on a mission to save a woman he has never even met.


The mission reveals secrets, brings danger and ups the hawtness to epic proportions.




Callie Sutherland is trying to figure out where she wants to go with her life. With her divorce settled the last thing she expected was to be attracted to her ex's best friend.


Cash Hale has always been in love with his best friend's wife but pushed those feelings down. After Callie's divorce Cash knew he needed to keep his distance but his heart was stronger than his brain.


Family and business war with love and passion. The temperature tops the hawt factor.




Jaxon Sutherland has never had to worry about money.


Madison Walker works two jobs while raising two children by herself.


While these two learn that their first judgement of each other isn't what they originally thought the heat between them burns hot.




Lexi Hanson has the biggest task set in front of her for Southerland Industries and she doesn't need a man coming in to take over.


Adam Logan has revenge for the man that never claimed him as son in mind when he takes on a job for the man's business. 


Secrets and lies are revealed. This story will grab your heart and settle in for the long haul. 




Desiree Sutherland-Colt has had it with her family dictating her life for her. She isn't letting anyone force marriage and children on her not even Gunner Norton.


Her instant attraction to him has her questioning where they were headed.


Be prepared to experience all the feels.




Summer Villar wanted help opening her body and knew Jace Sutherland was the only one that could assist her.


Major hotness




Hayden Reynolds was heartbroken when Griffin Sutherland left her 5 years ago. When her boss, Griff's dad, tasks her with finding Griff in order to get him back home she aims to hold her heart in check.


The roads are paved with good intentions but somethings are meant to be. Grab the kleenex and prepare yourself.

5 Stars
Ruthless: A True Brothers MC Novel - Gillian Archer

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Be prepared to be claimed.


If Jessica is set up on a blind date by her mom one more time it'd be to soon. After a very disappointing date she wants nothing more than to go home....alone. When the date wants for more Jessica panics and is soon saved by a stranger.


Her knight in shinning armor turns into a knight in shinning leather known as Zag, member of the True Brothers MC.


Feeling safe and not yet wanting to be alone she talks him into a drink which leads to a ride on his bike and more.


After Jessica witnesses something she shouldn't have Zag claims her as his own to gain her protection. The more time spent with Zag the more Jessica views his life with the club.


A surprise has Jessica questions where their relationship is going. The threat to Jessica soon reaches its head.


As life hangs in the balance Jessica and Zag are determined to grab onto their future.

5 Stars
Beauty and the Bullrider - Victoria Vane

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


 Victoria Vane has a touch. She writes a story that not only grabs you but won't let you go til the end.


Delaney McCall wants to have a family but after having her heart broken she has no need for a man.


Zac McDaniel has been in love with Delaney from the first day he spotted her. Unfortunately his best friend swooped in and Zac had to step aside.


When their marriage ended Zac felt Delaney blamed him.


Zac has decided it's time to retire from the rodeo. His friend offers him a job that reunites Zac with Delaney.


After Zac hears of Delaney looking to have a baby he volunteers. Delaney is quick to nix that but Zac is persistent.


As they reach an agreement Zac is determined to prove that he's in for the long haul.

5 Stars
The Fractured Heart - Scarlett Cole

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Drea Caron has comitted her life to taking care of her sick mother. Brody “Cujo” Matthews has no interest in a relationship after a scare with cancer when he was younger. He's co-owner of a tattoo shop with his best friend and only has his dad and brothers to worry about. When a woman goes missing from Drea's place of business and a gunman threatens Drea and Cujo they work to find answers. Cujo's mom appears, beaten and with no memory, after having been gone from his life since he was a child. The identity of the woman reveals the danger to them all. A death, a memory and a healing bring a close to the past and a hope for the future.

5 Stars
Hidden Heat: A Brothers of Mayhem Novel - Carla Swafford

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


A woman that is as strong as she is stubborn meets an alpha male that opens his heart despite undergoing a dangerous situation.


Cassidy Ryder grew up a part of the Brothers of Mayhem Motorcycle Club. With a past she tries to move away from Cassie has been raising her younger brother, Storm. When he gets involved with the very MC Cassie hoped to keep him from she charges into the bar trying to find him anyway possible. Thorn Savalas though is the bartender is actually an undercover officer for the Sand County Sheriff’s office. Seeing the situation in front of him Thorn can only see one way of protecting Cassie. With her help he claims her as his Old Lady. When the job is over Thorn is taken to another job leaving Cassie behind. When he finds her months later hoping to win her back he gets the surprise of his life.

5 Stars
A Mess of Reason - A. Wilding Wells

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


The characters opened their story and invited me in to witness their life like a dirty voyeur and I loved it. I honestly can't think of a single story right off the top of my head that made me feel as if the characters were literally talking to me.


Tess Harlow and Scout Steele have been best friends since they were teenagers. They have loved each other from the beginning but were to worried about losing their friendship to risk anything beyond that. With Tess's upcoming wedding Scout struggles with his feelings. When Scout uncovers a secret that Tess has been hiding he pushes Tess to make a decision for their future. Due to an unhappy surprise on for Tess and an equally happy one for Scout he whisks Tess away to help open up Tess's reluctance regarding her secret. A misunderstanding risks their happy ending but the truth shines a light.

5 Stars
First Touch - Laurelin Page

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


An emotional roller-coaster that will have you gasping for more


Reeve Sallis was known as a dangerous man. Emily Wayborn (Barnes) has lived a damaging life and one person that witnessed that was her best friend, Amber. Losing contact with her after years of hearing nothing from her a single message sends Emily on a mission to find her missing friend. When discovering Reeve was the last man she was with Emily set out to uncover whatever secrets he held by anyway possible. Finding Reeve a dominant to her submissive Emily struggles with her need to uncover what happened to her friend with her growing need to be with Reeve. The end will leave you shocked.

5 Stars
Because I Love You: A Forever Love Story - Jeannie Moon

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Jeannie Moon never fails to give you stories that make you fall in love. Because I Love You will draw you in so completely that you feel every emotion the characters go through.


Dealing with a heartbreak Leah built a wall around her heart that affects those around her.


After causing a scene at a family event Leah meets Tristan, an acquaintance of her brother. The two became instant friends but the attraction between them is explosive. Neither one is looking for a relationship not wanting anything more serious to mess with their friendship.


Can Leah and Tristan over come their pasts in order to have a future together?

5 Stars
The Boyfriend List - Jeannie Moon

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


When Jenna was a teen she made a list of every single thing she wants in a boyfriend.


Jenna made a name for herself in the art world but after a disastrous relationship she moves back home to become a teacher.


Nate is the sexy geek billionaire. He has been interested in Jenna for almost a year yet has never spoken more than a few words to her.


When Nate finally makes a move at their mutual friend's wedding he goes all in. Doing everything in his power to make Jenna trust and believe in them. Her track record with men has her questioning everything. But as their love begins to grow for each other can she trust in him to be the man she thinks he is or will she be let down again? Will troubles from her past ruin their relationship? Can Jenna put her trust fully in Nate and trust in the love they share? With their relationship status pushed forward faster than they expected Jenna is shown that maybe a little girls Boyfriend List is a thing to believe in.


Not only will you fall in love but you will believe in the power of true love.

5 Stars
Gods of Anthem - Logan Keys

Gods of Anthem is a YA Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic novel.


A city of ash. An island of sick. A country filled with zombies. A girl that comes back from the dead. A boy that carries a monster deep inside him. A group that wants to start a revolution.


Liza was sent to an island for the sick when she was a child. She was sick with cancer and always knew she would die there. After being attacked she is told she died. She has memories of a man she calls 'Pretend Man' but no one knows of him. When Liza shows to be clean of cancer she is released back to Anthem. There she aims to survive while trying to understand the world around her. She chances upon the supposed leader, Jeremy, of a group the calls themselves the Skulls. The two work together to open the eyes and minds of those around them all while Liza learns of a secret Jeremy has keep from her. During an uprising Liza is taken by the Authority.


Tommy is a Special that has been made into a soldier. Along with an army of Specials he trains for the day they return to take back what was once their's. The day comes for them to make their way back to the home they left long ago. They are forced to fight their way to land but once there they are faced with zombies set with bombs. To save a friend Tommy uses himself as bait.


Liza and Tommy start oceans apart but their journey sends them on a course that will bring them together.


You won't be able to set this story down until THE END. This story is a major page turner. I can't wait for the story to continue.

5 Stars
The Sacrifice - A.J. Nuest

Rhys has discovered that his father knows Faedrah and that they have some dark history. Faedrah has faced her greatest foe and much to her disappointment runs from the room terrified. Faedrah at first believes Rhys has set her up until she calmly listens to his explaination. Faedrah comes to realize that she loves Rhys. Rhys thought Faedrah knew his father through evil business dealings then realizes that his muse is actually a princess from another realm and his father, Leo, is an evil wizard. When Faedrah and Rhys are open about their love for each other the veil reopens. Which leads to Rhys meeting Faedrah's parents, Rowena and Caedmon, through the armoire. Rhys and Faedrah put a plan in action - they will save Faedrah's realm by stealing a vital map from his father, the evil Gaelleod!