I love to escape into a great story!

5 Stars
A Time of Reckoning - A.J. Nuest

Rhys and Faedrah are determined to take down the evil wizard Gaelleod in his lair in austiere, however it is soon determined that would result in Rhys dying. Faedrah and Rhys must teturn through the armoire back to present day chicago and take Gaelleod out once and for all.

5 Stars
A Wizard Rises - A.J. Nuest

Faedrah and Rhys escape from Gaelleod with the help of Nate. Jumping through the mirror they return to Faedrah's home. Rhys knows it's not going to go well for him when they learn that he is the son of Gaelleod. It will take a lot to prove he is nothing like his father and that his love for Faedrah is real. Rhys quickly realizes he needs to go along with whatever they throw at him to prove his intentions are honorable. With Fandorn helping him control his magic and honing his skill with it, Rhys is slowly becoming a true wizard. Faedrah is still suffering from the nightly assaults from Gaelleod and only Rhys can help stop her nightmares.

5 Stars
A Furious Muse - A.J. Nuest

Faedrah, the princess of the Austiere Kingdom, has been having strange dreams. When her parents, Rowena and Caedmon, find out they are desperate to help. They reveal to her the secrets they've kept for her safety. In finding out that an evil mage is destroying her kingdom she goes against her parents’ wishes and enters into the magic mirror. Where she find herself in her mother's old world. With the help of her mother's friends Faedrah meets Rhys whom she instantly distrusts and is convinced he is the evil wizard when she sees paintings of herself to her exact liking. Rhys is just an artist obsessed with drawing a woman he has been having visions of since he was a boy.

5 Stars
The Golden Key Chronicles - A.J. Nuest

This series is a fun and exciting read. I definitely didn’t want to put it down. Nor did I want Rowena and Caedmon's story to end.


Rowena’s Key – Rowena, an antiques restorer, finds a hidden key inside her ancestral armoire. It doesn't work on the armoire in a normal way. When a man appears inside the mirror she believes her friend to be playing a joke on her. After spending time talking to Caedmon she realizes she's talking to a man from the past. She throws caution to the wind and journeys to the unknown. Rowena and Caedmon's story through time and space will have you on the edge of your seat.


Candra’s Freedom – Rowena’s memories of who she was were taken away after giving the key to Caedmon and he was whisked away from her. Rowena has no one and has to be on constant guard from those that mean her harm. She takes in a falcon that in turn helps her in the battles she takes part in to prove she is strong and capable. Rowena earns her place and the trust of the King's guards.


Caedmon’s Curse – Caedmon returns to a much different Rowena. Rowena is unsure of her feelings for Caedmon and tries to avoid Caedmon as much as possible. She has battled to earn her freedom from the kingdom and refuses to let anything or anyone alter her plans. Caedmon is determined to win her back despite her determination to keep him away. Caedmon's imprisonment in enemy territory weighs heavily on him and the secrets he has.


Braedric’s Bane – Rowena's love for Caedmon rekindles despite still being without her memories. When Rowena and Caedmon run into trouble and Caedmon is seriously injured the legendary Dreggs arrive and tell of a healing cave. Rowena and Caedmon resume their plans to fight their way into the enemies home to retrieve the armoire that had been given by a traitor. When Rowena regains her memories the only means of escape is to travel through the mirror once again this time taking Caedmon with her. When they learn some distressing news they know the only choice they have is to return to Caedmon's home. Without hesitation Rowena chooses life with Caedmon. They arrive back in time for Caedmon to take his rightful place on the throne and to save the kingdom from evil. The evil that is in Braedric, Caedmon's brother, and the Wizard that has been controlling him.


Helios, the Nine daughters, and Selene’s story – This little short story makes an appearance in the series. It's a great love story.

5 Stars
Dreamweavers - C.C. Ravanera

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Anima is a Dreamweaver who harvested the dreams of humans, Dmitri is a pilot who opens the portal in the Realm for the harvester to enter the world to collect Lumus, energy harvested from humans in exchange for dreams. Anima began feeling different from everyone, as if her life was lacking something. Dmitri and Anima were chosen for an elite group. Causeing life for Anima get a whole lot more exciting. Harvesting became a challenge as well as enlightening. In the process she meets Azrael, who makes her question everything. With things going out of control Anima must survive in a world completely foreign to her. You will not be able to put this book down nor will you want it to end. New favorite read.

5 Stars
Dark Phoenix (Phoenix Series) (Volume 2) - Elise Faber

Dark Phoenix starts off where Phoenix Rising left off. After Cody's sister shows up badly beaten they all realize that it was someone in glamour that is controlling the Dalshie. Daughtry is later hurt by her bondmate, Cody, and those that she considers friends. She doesn't think she can ever trust them again. This has Daughtry doubting herself more. She ends up getting help from someone unexpected to go back and help save the life of a little girl Daughtry previously altered the death of. Cody takes his sister to a cabin to get away from Daughtry after a particularly nasty confrontation. Daughtry is sent to bring Cody back to the Colony. After she is successful in having him sent back Daughtry goes on the run from Cody and the Rengalla. Through unfortunate circumstances she meets the Forgotten. The Forgotten were once humans that were tortured by the Dalshie and ended up with limited magical powers. During her time with them Daughtry starts to have flash backs and certain memories of being in the camp. Cody shows up hoping to make things right by admitting that his thoughts were finally clearing from a sort of fog. Shortly after the Dalshie appear. Daughtry, Cody and the rest of the Rengalla learn that Tyler, one of their own, had been forced to mess with everyone's thoughts to make Daughtry believe that no one wanted her around so she'd feel alone. Tyler later tells of the Dalshie searching for an Orb. After returning to the Colony time is consumed with finding rooms for the Forgotten. Therefore it's not until Daughtry goes for a walk, in parts of the Colony she had yet to explore, that she stumbles into a room holding past secrets. Daughtry learns about her father and his passing as well as that her mother is still alive and who she is. The battle to follow has you sitting on the edge of your seat. Another teeth clenching story as the past collides with the present to save the future for all Rengalla.


I was given this ARC for an honest review.

5 Stars
Phoenix Rising - Elise Faber

A teeth clenching, edge of your seat journey for a woman that finds love when she least expects it. You won't be able to put this story down and will have you eager for book 2.


Daughtry has had a pretty hard year and she wants nothing more than to end the torment any way she can. She lived in constant fear of having someone touch her and seeing what she couldn't change. When her old friend John showed up Daughtry's world did a complete turnaround when trouble comes filling her with questions that no one seemed inclined to answer. Getting help from John's friend, Cody, they began a journey for their safety that ended in a place that holds the secrets of Daughtry's past. Things start to heat up between Daughtry and Cody all the while Daughtry battles those meaning to do her and all that she loves harm.

5 Stars
Frost: A Rendezvous Collection - Elise Faber, K.D. Wood, C. C. Ravanera, Kelly Martin

FIRE AND ICE by Elise Faber


The Forgotten, humans who had been experimented on during WWII in an attempt to activate genes in their DNA that would enable them to control elemental magic - they fled certain death at the hands of the Dalshie.


The Rengalla, group of immortal humans who possessed extended life and the ability to control elemental magic - sworn enemies of the Dalshie - fought to protect humans and Forgotten


The Dalshie, immortal beings who are evil - completely corrupted by dark magic that have erased all traces of compassion and morality.


Stephanie left her home when she was younger after a tragic event. Years later the one man she thought she'd never see again shows up at her place of work, Hotel Toujours. Dominic, leader of the Forgotten, has always felt guilty for having allowed Steph to leave home. As he attempts to convince her to return they are attacked by the Dalshie. While they fight their way through a surprise is thrown at them they thought forever lost. On the mend they prepare for the future.




Brock and Keely Stephens promised to love each other forever until death did they part. They never thought that would come all to soon. When Keely lost Brock she couldn't imagine a life without him. With the help of staff at Hotel Toujours they were given the chance of spending one night together; which happens to be their anniversary. As they prepare to meet up once again Keely plans to make sure this time their forever transfers over into the after life.


 WISHES By C.C. Ravanera


 “In prison you shall stay

Until the day one finds your way

Three wishes you shall gift

Three wishes you must complete

The cycle will keep rolling

Strangers will keep coming

Until one would come calling

With a wish that sets you free.

A wish freely given

Is the key to your salvation.

Yet the curse will pass on to other

For the cycle has to circle

Unless we find the chosen one

Who’ll break the curse’s circle”


Ambroise is the resident Jinn at Hotel Toujours. Forever locked in a mirror; to only come out when someone brings him out. When he seen Michele 'with one L' he didn't know what to think of her. Appearing so thin and pale he wanted to help her. Every minute he spent with Michele he found himself falling more in love. She surprised Ambroise with wishes that weren't solely for her but for the children of the local orphanages. They talked about her past being raised in orphanges and his past which included the regret of losing a woman and her little girl during a fight with the hotel witch. When the truth of Michele's sickness is revealed his heart breaks. With her final wish Michele wishes for Ambroise to live free. Lost and alone Ambroise is reunited with the two people he thought lost. Adopted as a brother and uncle when old age finally caught up with him after a long life of love in the end he was reunited with his true love.




Jodi Granger is a ghost hunter. She was arrived at Hotel Toujours to rid the hotel of a vengeful spirit. Will Jenkins lost his wife and ever since has done nothing but want his life to end so that he can be with her again. When Jodi asks Will to help her with a spirit haunting the hotel he doesn't believe her even when she tells him it's his deceased wide Jessica. Against his better judgement he agrees. As they set about in the hotel room Will struggles with his pain over losing his wife and fears the room is messing with him when he sees things that aren't there. Discovering that Jodi has been lying to him he fights the anger inside. When he is shown the truth he accepts what must be done. He opens his mind and is reunited with his love.

5 Stars
From Ashes (LexTal Chronicles) (Volume 3) - Elise Faber

Gabby has been holding secret her past from those around her even from Mason the one person forces herself to fight her attractions for.

Mason lost his wife and son to an attack and ever since has not allowed his feelings to show especially for Gabby.

A sudden dawning of the bond between them has them scrambling to put their feelings in order.

The past threatens their hope for the future but clarity shines when push comes to shove or perhaps falling.

5 Stars
Blocked - Elise Faber

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review


A strong female and an alpha male struggle with obstacles life throws at them. They grow stronger in not only their personal lives but their professional.


Brit Plantain is the first woman to play with a professional NHL team. The recent scandal has management forcing Brit into secret deal


Stefan Barie is the captain of the Gold hockey team. The game and his mom are his sole priority.


His attraction to Brit is not what he planned but the more time he spends around her the more he likes her.


After an emergency has Stefan traveling home Brit runs to his side.


No longer wanting to be a part of management's secret contract Brit calls it off but things go sideways when the truth is revealed.


With all things coming out into the open Brit and Stefan work to heal what was broken.