Frost: A Rendezvous Collection - Elise Faber, K.D. Wood, C. C. Ravanera, Kelly Martin

FIRE AND ICE by Elise Faber


The Forgotten, humans who had been experimented on during WWII in an attempt to activate genes in their DNA that would enable them to control elemental magic - they fled certain death at the hands of the Dalshie.


The Rengalla, group of immortal humans who possessed extended life and the ability to control elemental magic - sworn enemies of the Dalshie - fought to protect humans and Forgotten


The Dalshie, immortal beings who are evil - completely corrupted by dark magic that have erased all traces of compassion and morality.


Stephanie left her home when she was younger after a tragic event. Years later the one man she thought she'd never see again shows up at her place of work, Hotel Toujours. Dominic, leader of the Forgotten, has always felt guilty for having allowed Steph to leave home. As he attempts to convince her to return they are attacked by the Dalshie. While they fight their way through a surprise is thrown at them they thought forever lost. On the mend they prepare for the future.




Brock and Keely Stephens promised to love each other forever until death did they part. They never thought that would come all to soon. When Keely lost Brock she couldn't imagine a life without him. With the help of staff at Hotel Toujours they were given the chance of spending one night together; which happens to be their anniversary. As they prepare to meet up once again Keely plans to make sure this time their forever transfers over into the after life.


 WISHES By C.C. Ravanera


 “In prison you shall stay

Until the day one finds your way

Three wishes you shall gift

Three wishes you must complete

The cycle will keep rolling

Strangers will keep coming

Until one would come calling

With a wish that sets you free.

A wish freely given

Is the key to your salvation.

Yet the curse will pass on to other

For the cycle has to circle

Unless we find the chosen one

Who’ll break the curse’s circle”


Ambroise is the resident Jinn at Hotel Toujours. Forever locked in a mirror; to only come out when someone brings him out. When he seen Michele 'with one L' he didn't know what to think of her. Appearing so thin and pale he wanted to help her. Every minute he spent with Michele he found himself falling more in love. She surprised Ambroise with wishes that weren't solely for her but for the children of the local orphanages. They talked about her past being raised in orphanges and his past which included the regret of losing a woman and her little girl during a fight with the hotel witch. When the truth of Michele's sickness is revealed his heart breaks. With her final wish Michele wishes for Ambroise to live free. Lost and alone Ambroise is reunited with the two people he thought lost. Adopted as a brother and uncle when old age finally caught up with him after a long life of love in the end he was reunited with his true love.




Jodi Granger is a ghost hunter. She was arrived at Hotel Toujours to rid the hotel of a vengeful spirit. Will Jenkins lost his wife and ever since has done nothing but want his life to end so that he can be with her again. When Jodi asks Will to help her with a spirit haunting the hotel he doesn't believe her even when she tells him it's his deceased wide Jessica. Against his better judgement he agrees. As they set about in the hotel room Will struggles with his pain over losing his wife and fears the room is messing with him when he sees things that aren't there. Discovering that Jodi has been lying to him he fights the anger inside. When he is shown the truth he accepts what must be done. He opens his mind and is reunited with his love.