Phoenix Rising - Elise Faber

A teeth clenching, edge of your seat journey for a woman that finds love when she least expects it. You won't be able to put this story down and will have you eager for book 2.


Daughtry has had a pretty hard year and she wants nothing more than to end the torment any way she can. She lived in constant fear of having someone touch her and seeing what she couldn't change. When her old friend John showed up Daughtry's world did a complete turnaround when trouble comes filling her with questions that no one seemed inclined to answer. Getting help from John's friend, Cody, they began a journey for their safety that ended in a place that holds the secrets of Daughtry's past. Things start to heat up between Daughtry and Cody all the while Daughtry battles those meaning to do her and all that she loves harm.