Dark Phoenix (Phoenix Series) (Volume 2) - Elise Faber

Dark Phoenix starts off where Phoenix Rising left off. After Cody's sister shows up badly beaten they all realize that it was someone in glamour that is controlling the Dalshie. Daughtry is later hurt by her bondmate, Cody, and those that she considers friends. She doesn't think she can ever trust them again. This has Daughtry doubting herself more. She ends up getting help from someone unexpected to go back and help save the life of a little girl Daughtry previously altered the death of. Cody takes his sister to a cabin to get away from Daughtry after a particularly nasty confrontation. Daughtry is sent to bring Cody back to the Colony. After she is successful in having him sent back Daughtry goes on the run from Cody and the Rengalla. Through unfortunate circumstances she meets the Forgotten. The Forgotten were once humans that were tortured by the Dalshie and ended up with limited magical powers. During her time with them Daughtry starts to have flash backs and certain memories of being in the camp. Cody shows up hoping to make things right by admitting that his thoughts were finally clearing from a sort of fog. Shortly after the Dalshie appear. Daughtry, Cody and the rest of the Rengalla learn that Tyler, one of their own, had been forced to mess with everyone's thoughts to make Daughtry believe that no one wanted her around so she'd feel alone. Tyler later tells of the Dalshie searching for an Orb. After returning to the Colony time is consumed with finding rooms for the Forgotten. Therefore it's not until Daughtry goes for a walk, in parts of the Colony she had yet to explore, that she stumbles into a room holding past secrets. Daughtry learns about her father and his passing as well as that her mother is still alive and who she is. The battle to follow has you sitting on the edge of your seat. Another teeth clenching story as the past collides with the present to save the future for all Rengalla.


I was given this ARC for an honest review.