The Golden Key Chronicles - A.J. Nuest

This series is a fun and exciting read. I definitely didn’t want to put it down. Nor did I want Rowena and Caedmon's story to end.


Rowena’s Key – Rowena, an antiques restorer, finds a hidden key inside her ancestral armoire. It doesn't work on the armoire in a normal way. When a man appears inside the mirror she believes her friend to be playing a joke on her. After spending time talking to Caedmon she realizes she's talking to a man from the past. She throws caution to the wind and journeys to the unknown. Rowena and Caedmon's story through time and space will have you on the edge of your seat.


Candra’s Freedom – Rowena’s memories of who she was were taken away after giving the key to Caedmon and he was whisked away from her. Rowena has no one and has to be on constant guard from those that mean her harm. She takes in a falcon that in turn helps her in the battles she takes part in to prove she is strong and capable. Rowena earns her place and the trust of the King's guards.


Caedmon’s Curse – Caedmon returns to a much different Rowena. Rowena is unsure of her feelings for Caedmon and tries to avoid Caedmon as much as possible. She has battled to earn her freedom from the kingdom and refuses to let anything or anyone alter her plans. Caedmon is determined to win her back despite her determination to keep him away. Caedmon's imprisonment in enemy territory weighs heavily on him and the secrets he has.


Braedric’s Bane – Rowena's love for Caedmon rekindles despite still being without her memories. When Rowena and Caedmon run into trouble and Caedmon is seriously injured the legendary Dreggs arrive and tell of a healing cave. Rowena and Caedmon resume their plans to fight their way into the enemies home to retrieve the armoire that had been given by a traitor. When Rowena regains her memories the only means of escape is to travel through the mirror once again this time taking Caedmon with her. When they learn some distressing news they know the only choice they have is to return to Caedmon's home. Without hesitation Rowena chooses life with Caedmon. They arrive back in time for Caedmon to take his rightful place on the throne and to save the kingdom from evil. The evil that is in Braedric, Caedmon's brother, and the Wizard that has been controlling him.


Helios, the Nine daughters, and Selene’s story – This little short story makes an appearance in the series. It's a great love story.