The Sacrifice - A.J. Nuest

Rhys has discovered that his father knows Faedrah and that they have some dark history. Faedrah has faced her greatest foe and much to her disappointment runs from the room terrified. Faedrah at first believes Rhys has set her up until she calmly listens to his explaination. Faedrah comes to realize that she loves Rhys. Rhys thought Faedrah knew his father through evil business dealings then realizes that his muse is actually a princess from another realm and his father, Leo, is an evil wizard. When Faedrah and Rhys are open about their love for each other the veil reopens. Which leads to Rhys meeting Faedrah's parents, Rowena and Caedmon, through the armoire. Rhys and Faedrah put a plan in action - they will save Faedrah's realm by stealing a vital map from his father, the evil Gaelleod!