Gods of Anthem - Logan Keys

Gods of Anthem is a YA Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic novel.


A city of ash. An island of sick. A country filled with zombies. A girl that comes back from the dead. A boy that carries a monster deep inside him. A group that wants to start a revolution.


Liza was sent to an island for the sick when she was a child. She was sick with cancer and always knew she would die there. After being attacked she is told she died. She has memories of a man she calls 'Pretend Man' but no one knows of him. When Liza shows to be clean of cancer she is released back to Anthem. There she aims to survive while trying to understand the world around her. She chances upon the supposed leader, Jeremy, of a group the calls themselves the Skulls. The two work together to open the eyes and minds of those around them all while Liza learns of a secret Jeremy has keep from her. During an uprising Liza is taken by the Authority.


Tommy is a Special that has been made into a soldier. Along with an army of Specials he trains for the day they return to take back what was once their's. The day comes for them to make their way back to the home they left long ago. They are forced to fight their way to land but once there they are faced with zombies set with bombs. To save a friend Tommy uses himself as bait.


Liza and Tommy start oceans apart but their journey sends them on a course that will bring them together.


You won't be able to set this story down until THE END. This story is a major page turner. I can't wait for the story to continue.