The Boyfriend List - Jeannie Moon

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


When Jenna was a teen she made a list of every single thing she wants in a boyfriend.


Jenna made a name for herself in the art world but after a disastrous relationship she moves back home to become a teacher.


Nate is the sexy geek billionaire. He has been interested in Jenna for almost a year yet has never spoken more than a few words to her.


When Nate finally makes a move at their mutual friend's wedding he goes all in. Doing everything in his power to make Jenna trust and believe in them. Her track record with men has her questioning everything. But as their love begins to grow for each other can she trust in him to be the man she thinks he is or will she be let down again? Will troubles from her past ruin their relationship? Can Jenna put her trust fully in Nate and trust in the love they share? With their relationship status pushed forward faster than they expected Jenna is shown that maybe a little girls Boyfriend List is a thing to believe in.


Not only will you fall in love but you will believe in the power of true love.