Ruthless: A True Brothers MC Novel - Gillian Archer

I received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


Be prepared to be claimed.


If Jessica is set up on a blind date by her mom one more time it'd be to soon. After a very disappointing date she wants nothing more than to go home....alone. When the date wants for more Jessica panics and is soon saved by a stranger.


Her knight in shinning armor turns into a knight in shinning leather known as Zag, member of the True Brothers MC.


Feeling safe and not yet wanting to be alone she talks him into a drink which leads to a ride on his bike and more.


After Jessica witnesses something she shouldn't have Zag claims her as his own to gain her protection. The more time spent with Zag the more Jessica views his life with the club.


A surprise has Jessica questions where their relationship is going. The threat to Jessica soon reaches its head.


As life hangs in the balance Jessica and Zag are determined to grab onto their future.