The Purest Hook (Second Circle Tattoos) - Scarlett Cole

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A return to Second Circle Tattoos makes you feel as if you're visiting family. Two people that work their way from the bottom to thrive in their new lives.


Sarah-Jane “Pixie” Travers manages Second Circle Tattoos but has a passion for sewing little girl dresses.


When Pixie was a younger girl she was subjected to abuse and forced to get hooked on drugs with no help from her mom. One fateful night Pixie ran and her journey led her to the doorway of Second Circle. With the help of Trent and Cujo she cleans herself up.


Dred Zander lead singer of Preload and a judge on Inked, a reality TV show.


Dred had a tough life as a young boy. When his mom died of a drug overdose the journey after was far from easy.


Dred convinced a reluctant Pixie to give him a chance. Their feelings for each other grow but their pasts are never far from mind. When a threat pushes them apart they must work through their issues.