The Darkest Link (Second Circle Tattoos) - Scarlett Cole

Received from Netgalley


A story that takes a journey that will circle back to the beginning in a roundabout way. A conclusion but a beginning. The reader is drawn into the love through the banter between characters.


Julianna Carlisle, a tattoo artist at Second Circle, is on her way to a speaking engagement when her car breaks down. While debating her options a motorcyclist drives grabbing her attention.


Reid Kennedy, owner of Kenny's Garage, is thinking of his plans for the end of the day when he sees a car stopped on the side of the road followed by a pair of legs attached to a body being hidden by an umbrella.


Reid helps Lia get to her destination after a freindly day of hanging out then finds he can't get her out of his mind. They begin spending time together leading to deeper feelings for each other.


When Reid stops by for a visit he is taken aback by a reunion with a person, connected to Lia, he feared he'd never see again.


As tears and secrets are revealed a family is healed while another is shaken apart from withen.