Haunted Souls - Kathryn  Knight

A great story of love that heals through a journey of discovery. The struggles of pain and secrets open the heart to love and forgiveness.


A past fling that resulted in a child reunite a woman that has lost many and a man that struggles with nightmares as a lost soul craves what was lost centuries before.


Emily Shea has known nothing but lose so when a fling resulted in a child she chose not to inform the father.


Staff Sergeant Brett Leeds returned from active service with a concussion and major PTSD after an IED explosion left him the lone surviver.


The moment Emily never expected arrive has brought Brett to her doorstep.


When their three and a half year old son, Tyler, begins acting out of character Emily fears it has to do with the disruption in normal routine.


The truth is far more terrifying. Always being sensitive Tyler has befriended a ghost boy.


Emily sets out to discover the boy's story and how to help him move on.


Meanwhile her relationship with Brett set on shaky ground takes steps to work through their hurts.


After they help the ghost find peace Emily and Brett heal their hearts.