Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch (Roosevelt Ranch #1) - Elise Faber

Story of a woman whose life takes an unexpected turn, a man whose family relies on him to follow the line and friends who take matters into their own hands to insure a HEA.


Love comes to those that least expect. 


Kelly Hamilton life is forever changed with a simple plus sign.


Justin Roosevelt is expected to once again clean up the mistakes of his twin brother, Rex.


Kelly knocks on the door intending to inform the father of her expectancy but is struck speechless when confronted with his twin.


Kelly and Justin form opinions of each other at first sight but upon further time together a new insight between the two forms a deeper connection.


With the sudden return of Rex and the head of the family the relationship is thrown off track.


Justin reaches his breaking point and in return breaches the wall that had previously caused a rift among his family.


Aided by friends Justin lays his heart out to the one person that holds the key to his happiness if she chooses to accept.


I accepted an ARC for purposes of an unbiased review.